Dolphin Boat Tours On Hilton Head Island

(Best Location On Hilton Head Island For Seeing Dolphins!)

“Come aboard our Dolphin Discoveries Boat as Nat Geo Wild films an episode for their popular “Untamed” series here in Hilton Head!”

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My name is Dave and I am the owner of Dolphin Discoveries which is a division of Kayak Hilton Head, Inc. Here on our website we hope you will find the answers to your questions about our Hilton Head Dolphin Boat Tours and our FAMILY SHARK FISHING TOURS and your can also enjoy the photos of the dolphins as well as the other wildlife that we see on our tours here on Hilton Head Island.

Visitors and locals alike enjoy our “up close” and personal “bird’s eye view” from our boat. The waters surrounding Hilton Head are home to several hundred bottlenose dolphins and the dolphin population might even double in the summer months!

“Flipper” is probably the world’s most famous bottlenose dolphin and though “Flipper” does not reside with us here in the waters of Hilton Head, we do have “Blackbeard”, “Nick”, “Choppy”, “Big Bob” and “Little Baby Stripes” just to name a few! Bottlenose dolphins are very intelligent creatures that often enjoy seeing us just as much as we enjoy seeing them. Feeding, playing, resting and teaching their young are activities that we observe these fun and friendly Hilton Head dolphins doing every day. Just as well, we occasionally catch them showing off just like a sea world dolphin might by leaping high out of the water! And YES, we quite often see baby dolphins on our tours here in the waters of Hilton Head and they are indeed as cute and fun to watch as you might expect.

Our 2 hour dolphin tours in Hilton Head do GUARANTEE dolphins!

Unlike the big “head boats” that may take 30 or 40 people on each tour, we limit our tours to 6 people maximum so that everyone on board our

Dolphin Tours in Hilton Head have plenty of room to get the best view of the dolphins. There’s no fighting for space to get the best angle for picture taking as our boat is rated for 14 people so there’s plenty of room for your group to move about. The big boat tours often do a set loop where you see dolphins from a distance.

Our tours on Hilton Head are different in that we go to where the dolphins are at the time. Again, WE DO GUARANTEE DOLPHINS!! Usually we will get to a good spot, turn off the boat and peacefully enjoy watching the dolphins with a close up view of the action! Many times they swim so close to the boat that we can even hear them exhale as the break the surface. This truly is an experience that your entire family will remember for years to come!

Along with the dolphins there are many other interesting and fun things to see in Hilton Head Island. This is a nature tour just as well as a dolphin tour. We focus on the dolphins but your photos might not stop at just the dolphins. There’s a bald eagle that nests nearby that often comes to catch a fish for her dinner. Seeing an occasional mink or otter while exploring the edge of the marsh is always a treat and when we get really lucky we might run across a manatee that has traveled up from Florida for a visit during the warmer months.

Please continue on with our website to learn about the other tours in Hilton Head that we offer and to enjoy the pictures of the wildlife. Sunset cruises, beachcombing trips, fireworks tours, family shark fishing and family crabbing excursions are other fun tours that we offer.

I have been working on the waters of Hilton Head since 1995. I started Kayak Hilton Head in 2001 and we have enjoyed showing many visitors the fun wildlife and beautiful areas that Hilton Head has to offer ever since. We promise to do our very best to make sure YOUR TOUR is the highlight of your vacation. We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you soon!! Please call 843-684-1911 for reservations for one of our dolphin boat tours in Hilton Head or to join our summer FAMILY SHARK FISHING!

Thanks, Dave

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